The LONG(O)BOARD is a hybrid longboard that was designed with urban commuting and portability in mind. 
The mold for the board began as a piece of insulation foam. The foam was carved to include a concave as well as a nose and tail section. Seven layers of hard-maple veneer with glue applied were then inserted into a vacuum bag on top of the mold. The board blank was then cut out, holes for hardware were drilled, and a round over was added. The board was sealed with 4 coats of polyurethane.
The hole patterns running along the edges of the board allow a strap to be attached to the board. This strap can be cinched tight to the board when riding. When not riding, the strap can be extended and worn over one shoulder. 
The holes also allow users to easily attach the board to a bag or add different carrying implements. 
The finished board rides low to the ground and is shorter than the majority of longboards. This makes the board easier to ride and transport. The shorter length also allows less veneer to be used in construction, decreasing the overall weight. TKP trucks were used to ensure that the wheels don't extend past the edge of the board allowing for more comfortable pushing.
The mold was modeled in Fusion 360 allowing it to be CNC machined for greater precision and mass production.