Based off of the CUBORO marble run blocks, this project was an exercise in batch manufacturing and production. The blocks can be stacked to easily and quickly build a marble run.
The blocks started out as 1-1/4" rough sawn maple. The lumber was then glued together to produce the stock (pictured on the left) for the 2 x 2" blocks. Fixturing and jigs were used to produce consistent holes and grooves in the blocks. 
The entire set was based around the proportions of a 2 x 2 x 2" cube. This allowed the half-height blocks to interact easily with the rest of the set.
A subtle round-over was added to finish off the blocks. Lastly, a coat of beeswax was added to provide a smooth and semi-gloss finish.
The final set consisted of a variety of blocks that could be assembled into a wide array of arrangements. Given the modularity of the blocks, the set can easily be added to or combined with other elements.